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We’re the Status Design team, and we're helping to create the tools that'll lead to a more open and equitable Internet for us all

About Status

How We Work

We work in an unconventional way, and we're always trying to improve. We value autonomy and meritocracy and can be found all over the world, designing decentralization into every part of life.


We’re an entirely decentralised and transparent organization, where teams are started by anybody who has a valuable idea. As designers, we help bring these ideas to life in an open and highly collaborative environment.

Objectives and Key Results

Our team has ambitious and clearly-defined goals. We set objectives and key results (OKRs) in order to have direction, stay focused, and measure our progress.


We create products together with the help of the wider Status community. We use bounties on Gitcoin where commited open source developers and fellow designers are rewarded for their contributions to Status

Who We Are

We’re a remote design and research team, contributing to Ethereum and the development of Web3. We connect on calls, chats and meetups

Hester Bruikman-Pagán

UX Researcher

Maciej Zadykowicz

Product Designer

Simon Rico

Product Designer

Gheorghe Pinzaru

UI Engineer

+ 60 more core contributors

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